OneMore Europe commenced business with the motto of "Creating a Clean Network Marketing Area" in 2016, and set this motto as its ultimate goal. The company’s high quality products give entrepreneurs the opportunity of winning in the global market. After the corporation process was completed, One More Europe established its affiliates in various locations respectively all around Turkey and Europe, and finally had a place in the global market, and became one of the key players in global trade in years.


In terms of the company’s quality, capacity, and wide business network, OneMore Europe has been a leading industrial entrepreneur and key business builder in Europe, Asia, and South and Central America, since the day it was established.

Currently, OneMore Europe operates in the EU region, and exports to non-EU countries on both micro and macro scales. OneMore Europe, available in 53 countries and capable of serving all around the world with its customized shipping options, has exported to 7 countries on a macro scale.


OneMore Europe owes this success to its team members, and managers, who learned the business on the factory floor. Our Global President Mr. Mustafa Erdil and our Global Vice President Mrs. Sevcihan Saygılı Erdil combined their 21-year Network Marketing experience and unique vision and mission and created a roadmap to success.


OneMore Europe’s constantly growing team that has achieved countless success, and held gigantic events with thousands of participants since 2014 is planning to hold the same events and have the same achievements all over the world.