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Our Global Network

After strengthening the foundations of OneMore Europe B.V., which was established in the Netherlands, One More International turned to the Turkic Republics and established its second international company in Azerbaijan upon intense demand, and increased its commercial and logistics support to entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan and other Turkic Republics.

The intense interest in One More International in Europe has led the company to seek a new logistics infrastructure. In order to produce a fast and powerful solution to this need and to expand our trade network throughout Europe, One More Bulgaria was established in Bulgaria and it was envisaged to provide cargo and shipping services to One More International entrepreneurs residing in Europe. Upon increasing demands, especially by adding the Russian Block to the global trade network, One More International has accelerated its globalization steps with One More Kazakhstan. The company, which was established towards the end of 2020, is expected to serve 6 countries in total, especially Kazakhstan. The country that achieved the fastest rise in the history of One More International was Indonesia. Indonesia, which was introduced to One More International trade in mid-2020, became a suitable country to invest in before the end of 2020, and One More Indonesia started its commercial life towards the end of 2020. Our goal is to establish a production center in Indonesia in 2021. Believing in the power of sustainable production, OneMore International aims to establish production centers in the Asia Pacific region, Turkey and Latin American countries, especially Indonesia, in order to create a global production chain, reach 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in 2021, and reach new countries all over the world, starting from Turkey. It aims to ship its products in the light of technologies.

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