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One More Breath

In 2020, we started working to implement one of our sustainable projects called “One More Breath”. The first phase of this project is to establish One More Memorial Forest with the donation of 10,000 saplings. The second phase is to switch to the “Paperless Office” system in order to reduce nature pollution, protect forests, reduce ink usage and prevent unnecessary paper waste by 2022. A step we take today will come back as a big breath of fresh air to all of us tomorrow. Being aware of this, we will implement our projects one by one, using all the means at our disposal for a greener country.

One More Education

As One More International, we have aimed to work for our children since the first day. In line with these goals, we took our first steps to implement our project called “One More Education” as of December 2020. We are preparing to provide educational support for our children in need. We aim to identify 20 children in need every year and support them to continue their education and training life. Every child has the right to education! And we will work with all our strength to deliver this right to our children.

One More Women

At the end of 2017, our Global 2nd President, whom we named “One More Women”, Mr. We started a civil society movement led by Sevcihan Saygılı Erdil. This movement was also supported by our leaders in the One More International organization. Our main aim is; To support a woman to live her life comfortably as a woman and to let them know that they are always supporters of One More International. As One More Family, we provided job opportunities for many of our women, supported their personal development and brought them to life. Rather than being proud of this, our dreams for the future include seeing free and happy women without our support.

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