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To start a new era in the Direct Selling industry by producing quality, innovative, different ideas and projects.

Founded in 2014, One More International began its commercial journey with the mission of "Creating a Clean Direct Sales Field" and has set this mission as its goal. Starting with Turkey and then expanding to Europe and from there to the entire global market, One More International has established corporate structures in six different locations around the world, becoming a prominent player in global trade. One More International provides its representatives with the "global free trade" structure it has adopted through its companies established in Turkey, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico, Northern Cyprus, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, Macedonia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, the USA, and Mongolia. To strengthen its position in the industry, One More International transitioned from being an importer to a manufacturer, producing 85% of its product range in-house. With production innovation, One More International has made significant investments in R&D activities, adopting a production mission focused on "quality-oriented, innovative, and sustainable production."

Since its inception, One More International has become a leading entrepreneur and role model in the industry in Turkey, Europe, Asia, and South and Central America, thanks to the quality, capacity, and extensive trade network it has achieved. Today, One More International is a direct sales company that has expanded to over 100 countries, delivers worldwide with personalized shipping, conducts macro exports to approximately 10 countries, and has offices in more than 10 countries worldwide, including three offices in Turkey. One More International owes its success to its managers, who have come from the heart of the business, and its large team. Our Global President, Mr. Mustafa Erdil, and Global Vice President, Mrs. Sevcihan Saygılı Erdil, have blended their 21 years of direct sales experience with their unique vision and mission to create a roadmap filled with countless successes. Additionally, One More International continues its operations at full speed with a team of 40 people at its headquarters. With a growing team since 2014, One More International has achieved numerous successes and organized events for thousands of people and is now preparing to hold similar events and achieve countless successes worldwide.

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